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Name:We like dancing and we look divine
Birthdate:Mar 10
Location:seymour, Indiana, United States of America
Hey I'm Jess. In my real life I've been described as a "Shirley Feeny" type and for the most part, I don't really mind. I daydream about becoming a rock star, when in reality I will probably eventually write that Great American Novel. I love all things vintage, and rock n roll saved my soul.

Current fandoms involve: Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Charmed, That 70's Show, Boy meets World, Game of Thrones.

Ships: Xena/Ares, Xena/Gabrielle, Iolaus/Nebula, Hercules/Deianera, Donna/Eric, Jackie/Eric, Hyde/Jackie, Leo/Piper, Piper/Cole, Phoebe/Cole, Topanga/Cory, Jack/Eric, Topanga/Shawn
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